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  1. N

    Deca help... Insomnia?

    I've tried just about everything on cycles at some point except Deca... I always liked EQ and was told to try deca... I can't get to sleep to save my life! Is this normal? I had some issues on tren, but this is insane... I fall asleep for maybe 20 minutes at night and then wake up feeling...
  2. O

    Deca to relieve joint pain - need advice

    Can anyone tell me what is the lowest effective dose for Deca when solely being used to alleviate joint pain and related soreness? Would 75 mg help? Thanks, old_man
  3. O

    Deca and Finasteride

    Is there any issue taking Deca and Finasteride together?
  4. N

    gyno concerns and first serious cycle

    hi guys, i am new not just on this forum but to any forum across the digital spectrum. so i dont know wat i dont know. plz help me out. i starting my third cycle but this one is after a gap of 2 yrs. my previous cycles didnt last for more than 6 weeks. this time round i am planning a 8 week...
  5. N

    Deca Epistane Only Cycle NO TEST

    Hi guys, So I'm outta test but have a bottle of NPP (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate). I have a few bottles of epistane. I know all of you will say just get test, but the process of obtaining it always freaks me out, and money is tight...would love to use what I currently have. I don't drink, take...
  6. Z

    Newbie has made errors...... Need veterans advice...

    Made many uneducated errors and listened to an "expert".... Ran 20 weeks Test /deca/dbol Ran ALL for 20 weeks: Test E 550 ew Deca 450 ew Dbol 40 mg ed No taper and stopped ALL at once.....( advice given by unnamed expert..!) 2 weeks after last pin tamoxafin at 20 Ed for one month.... Then...
  7. J


    This will be my second cycle(first cycle was test e 250mg/ml - 1ml twice a week) I know what my macros will be, but I am not for sure about the numbers on this cycle. I want to know what others think about this: Test e: 250mg twice a week - week 1-10 deca: 200mg twice a week - week 1 - 10...
  8. O

    About to start a Test, Deca, Primo cycle - Need some helpful advice

    Hi All, constructive criticism and helpful advice appreciated. I'm 56 and about to start a cycle. About me, for almost two years, on a daily basis I've been using peptide precursors - modified GRF (1-29) and Ipamorelin (the equivalent of a moderate dosage of HGH). Along with physical therapy...
  9. HtownN00b

    Anyone use either of these labs?

    Geneticz labs or Global performance labs I am not trying to discuss any source info. â??????MODSâ?????? I did consult with the right person about posting anything with the name and I got the green light. The last thing I would want is for something to happen because I honestly love...
  10. A

    Test E/Deca

    Hey all, so I'm about to run a cycle of 500mg Test E/250mg Deca. I've only run a 6 week cycle of 500mg Test E before (4 months ago), had to stop due to injury. Back and healthy again now..dropped down to 217 though. Just wondering if because I cut last cycle short if I should just stick to the...
  11. P

    Deca vs Anavar

    What combinations produce the best lean mass results? I've gotten good feedback from this forum indicating that Deca should be stacked with TestCyp because Deca is in the Anabolic class of roids and TestCyp is in the Androgenic class. The difference being that Anabolics negatively affect your...
  12. AlleyKat

    Deca and stacking for joint rehab

    I am recovering from recent knee surgery from a sports injury many years ago and looking to strenghten the tendons, ligaments, and muscle groups around and in the knee joints. I have tried standard weight training and otc supp's to no avail over the past years. What can I do or take to...
  13. P

    Newbie to Deca Durabolin

    Hello, 1) Age - 38 2) Weight and Percent BodyFat - 195 lbs and 22% body fat 3) Years of Consistant Training experience - 10 years of consistent training experience 4) Previous Cycle experience - One month PH cycles of SSL Incredible Bulk (2 pills per day) and Letrozole (1 ml every day). Also...