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  1. E

    Rookie, here! Any thoughts on my deca/test/d-bol/hcg/nolva cycle?

    Hey, everyone. I'm new to posting threads. I usually read them, and leave. I'm trying to get more serious about my training, and how/what I cycle. So please feel free to lend your advice. Before playing Football this last season, I cycled Test P/T-bol and my PCT was Nolva. It worked well for...
  2. R

    bulking cycle review

    i have run several cycles over the last four years, mostly with testosterone and trenbolone. I have seen great results. my personal stats are, 6' 3" 220 lbs 6% body fat arms- 18" around shoulders- 50" waist- 34" thighs- 27" calves- 17" i want to get up to about 240-250. and stay lean. so any...
  3. K

    2nd cycle help please

    Okay. I am currently using sustanon 250 and I pin every wednesday and saturday. I also take stanozolol three 10mg every day. My 4 week cycle(I was going to do a 8 week cycle, but I heard from various bodybuildersthatI should add two more tabs to my daily cycle) will beoverin little over two...
  4. J

    GP Dbol and British Dispensary Anabol question?

    Hey fellas just looking for some feedback on which Dbol i should go with for my upcoming cycle. I Have taken the British Dispensary Anabol 5MG pink"s before and loved them but that was a few yrs ago. I have noticed alot of good reviews lately on the GP 10mg Dbol and was thinking of giving them a...
  5. J

    How will it affect me in the long run?

    Hey everyone I know its not really a ?good? idea to be running steriods at my age, since i am only 19 but can somebody please tell me what harm it will do to my body in the long run? all i ever hear is that it would be retarded to run roids now but no one ever says why. i have recently got...
  6. J

    UgH! please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to start cycling on deca durabolin, trenbolone, and dianabol! But, I don't know where to start? Whats a good 8 week cycling method? As well as a great Post cycling regime? I want little to no-side effects while taking steroids. I'm also looking for a legit and cheaper place to buy the...
  7. B

    college baseball pitcher thinking about using SUSTANON 250 and DIANABOL

    hey i am a 6'4'' 200 lbs LEFT HANDED PITCHER who plays college baseball. My fastball topp out at about 84 mph and throw consistantly 80-83 but I want to throw harder. I've tried everything...protein, creatine, glutamine, BCAA's and training hard. I am not getting the results I need and want. I...