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Cancer Development and Its Relation to Our Food


Nov 12, 2011
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Within the broad range of possibilities presented to us by the food industry, our purpose as consumers is to choose the right foods and not harmful to our health.

Within the broad range of possibilities presented to us by the food industry, our purpose as consumers is to choose the right foods and not harmful to our health.

Some food products are made with aggregates to promote conservation, to replace the originals to provide fewer calories or enhance flavor and make it more appetizing meals.

It seems that only advantages are offered to us and yet, in the background of these there are certain "qualities" that we should take into account, since many of them are related to the development of some cancers.

The effects of food

Thus, they offer the possibility of adverse effects known to have some food, beverages and food products, and those that can provide some methods of preparation.

??? Alcohol:

Epidemiological studies suggest that alcohol has a causal role in carcinogenesis of organs such as the mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus and pancreas. In addition to its detrimental effect is enhanced by the use of snuff. Alcohol, particularly beer, has also been associated with increased risk of developing cancer of the colon, rectum and breast.
??? Sweeteners:

The increased use of non-nutritive sweeteners (free of calories), leads us to pay attention to two of them in particular: saccharin and cyclamate.

Regarding the latter, despite being approved in over 50 countries, the FDA (the agency that regulates food and drugs in the U.S.) to date, has not granted approval of its production because of its possible carcinogenic effects , which are enhanced when used in combination with saccharin. Its effect is more related to the development of bladder cancer.
??? Preservatives:

The most widespread and perhaps more harmful are nitrates, nitrites and sulfites. These are used to retard food spoilage caused by bacteria, molds and fungi, also prevent fat rancidity and retard browning of foods.

Its use is justified in most processed or prepared foods, canned and cured meat products. Nitrates and nitrites are closely related to nitrosamines, which are potent carcinogens in several species of living beings.

Several studies denote a relationship of these substances with stomach cancer and suggest that its appearance could be prevented with the consumption of vegetables and fruits, which would delay its onset. Sulfites, but have not been shown to have carcinogenic effects can be harmful and can cause anaphylactic shock in people with asthma.

That's why people sensitive to these compounds should avoid foods that contain them and properly read the labels of packaged products.
??? Methods of preparing food:

cooking methods and preparation can contaminate food by carcinogenic toxic intervention that form during cooking, especially grilling with charcoal, smoking and frying. Several studies have reported an increased risk of stomach and esophageal cancer with frequent intake of fried and smoked foods.

Once known the specifics of the possible carcinogenic effects of certain foods or food products, as well as the way we consume, is that we have the information necessary to make a correct choice for our food.