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No new members posting labs or reviews


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Dec 4, 2009
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The moderator team has decided to no longer allow new members to post labs or reviews. We have seen too many shills and shop bashing from new accounts.

5. No new members posting lab results or reviews, members must have at least 100 quality posts and be a member for at least 3 months first.

Please read ALL the rules and follow them.


Good move.
I agree too. Now if any sponsors need a reputable mod to test their gear please hit me up. :coffee:
I thought that was rule before. But regardless its best
I'm 52, been using gear for 23yrs. But all that goes out the window when joining a board. The idea of contributing and giving back is the only way to guide new (and old) people. I applaud your position! Way too many opinions that will hurt other people by guiding the wrong way. Not sure? Keep reading and make intelligent, informed choices.

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This should have been a rule along....good job on adding this heavy.
IML Gear Cream!
understand where you guys are coming from but kinda hurts honest guys like me who have come over from different sources. ill still do my labs but just post them later or at end of cycle
excellent rule. as always HI looking out for the IMF family. respect
Good rule IMO.. But even though I'm no expert or even have any long term experience it's pretty easy to spot the BS posts. Seems like they always go into a lot of detail about how hard their cawk is since they started using some juice or another.. When I read that kind of shit, I just disregard the whole post.
I dont have a problem with this rule!