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would like some help with a cycle im planning out tren/t prop/var/win.


Jan 25, 2013
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Hi I'm new to the forums,
I've read them off and on for a few years now though and usually find good help.
I have a number of cycles under my belt nothing too heavy as I was playing upper level athletics and had to stay quick and strong.
I am currently trying to plan out a cycle using
Tren A x 10weeks 75mgED
Test prp x 10 50mgED
Var weeks 1-6 50mgED
Winrstr9ol weeks six through 10
Dbol weeks 1&2,4&5,7&8 at 50mgs a day

This will be the heaviest cycle I've undertaken and I'd like help on the specifics of pct incorporation and vitamin support. I'm a big fan of being educated on what I'm doing with my body before I start messing around so anything helps even if its constructive critisisim.
If ya need my "stats" ill give ya the basics
23yrs old 220 10%bf
Gym 5 nights a week cardio three days
I lift heavy
I eat clean planning a diet aswell to join this cycle
I'm not sure what else I need to provide but I'm happy to respond to anything
I appreciate the help and look forward to good advice on building a strong safe and effective cycle