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tren ace

  1. R

    My First Tren Cycle

    Long time troll first time posting.. I have been running Test for awhile now and just started Tren Ace just did my 5th pin today(1-26-2017) so I started out low because of all the research I've done on Tren and all the side effects. So now I'm at 100mg (.05 on the syringe) for the Tren and...
  2. 10monthsin

    no sides off of tren ace a100mg ed

    Im 31yrs old 6'1 270lbs about 11% body fat on my 9th week of my cycle and this my second cycle. 50 mgAnadrol wks 1-4. 500 test e wks 1-6 . 250 test e wks 6-12 . 700 tren ace ed wks 4-12. I ran this cycle to cut up I do my bulk natural with great results. The reason for the anadrol first is...
  3. 9

    would like some help with a cycle im planning out tren/t prop/var/win.

    Hi I'm new to the forums, I've read them off and on for a few years now though and usually find good help. I have a number of cycles under my belt nothing too heavy as I was playing upper level athletics and had to stay quick and strong. I am currently trying to plan out a cycle using Tren A x...
  4. N

    tren ace, test prop, eq cycle advice

    I have ripblend containing 75mg test prop, 50mg tren ace, 50 mg masteron/per ml and eq 250mg/ml and test 250/ml This is first time running tren and wanting to put mass on but i have two ways to run this cycle in mind, with my previous cycles i tend to peak with my results after week 9 on a...
  5. N

    Ripblend (test, tren ace, masteron) and EQ cycle

    thinking of running the following cycle, usually tend to run test, deca and eq with dbols to kick start, but thought id give tren ace a go. problem is i have an ectomorph figure, therefore bone structure being rather small, so was wondering if this cycle would do me any good if wanting to put on...
  6. C

    Tren Ace/Test Prop Cycle

    Hi guys, first post on the site looking for a bit of advice! Firstly my stats: - 21 Years old - 6'1- 205-210lbs - 10% BF This will be my second cycle(planning to start sometime in Jan 2013), first cycle was test E/dbol with good results in terms of gains but I finished the cycle at about...
  7. N

    Ripblend (test prop, tren ace, masteron) cycle views

    getting some ripblend (each ml contains 80mg test prop/80mg tren ace/80mg masteron prop) thinking of doing following: week 1-8 = ripblend 1ml ed with saturday and sunday off week 1-6 = 50mg dbol ed week 1-9 = 50mg anavar ed (anavar goin a week extra as got some spare) thoughts on that cycle?
  8. B

    Cycle: Tren Prop A50?

    What do you think of this cycle? :thinking: stats: lifting on and off since age 12. 27 5'10 208lbs weeks 1-4 & 8-12 50mg anadrol pre workout 350mg EW 1-12 test prop 100mg ED 700mg EW 1-8 tren ace 75mg ED 525mg EW adex .5mg EOD Dostinex .5mg E3D PCT Weeks 12-16 clomid 100/75/50/50...