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    Looking for tester, must have virgin muscle

    if your new to steroids please post in this thread, i am looking for 1 tester.... please tell me a lil about your self.
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    what kind of RICE..

    not really budy your good, and i will agree with you. back in the days every body would eat just brown rice, but bodybuilder now a days eat white rice.. and so do I.
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    what kind of RICE..

    looking to see what kind of rice are member eating for dieting? i was doing brown, now white rice. how about your guys?
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    Just place my order for the 200iu deal package. looking forward to my goods, thanks WP..
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    Balkan vs kalpa vs geneza

    Kalpa is good stuff. If u love scrioxx then u will love kalpa ..
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    Follistatin 344

    What's the worse that can happen if I choose to run my folli for 20 days? Been on a cycle for almost 2yrs now...
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    Follistatin 344

    Nope never use it.
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    Follistatin 344

    What size skin pin and gage do I need? Can I inject in my shoulders? And chest and bise what size needle would I need for these spots.
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    Follistatin 344

    Bump anyone?
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    Follistatin 344

    Hey guys i need some help on this. I have 2 vials of folli but I am not shire how to take it. Mix 1ml of bac water So if I have u100 slin pin 100mcg will be the 10mark right? So what size needle and gage do I need? Looking to inject in bies, chest, or shoulders sound pretty easy. If I miss...
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    Jay Cutler

    Jay was Huge, like super Huge. so in order for me to catch up to him I have only taken 3 months of gear this whole year. and I still got about another 23wks.. finishing it off with tren i started today. and my god i am getting huge, cut up and looking like a beast. I love it..
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    Jay Cutler

    took this photo of me and Jay on 9/8/12 there was a grand opening for max muscle sports nutrition store out here were i live, this was the best ever to meet the man him self.
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    Olympia 2012

    they had a grand opening here at maxnutrition were i live at on 9/8/12 jay was there and i got to take a picture with him on my cell phone it was great to meet him huge guy and he is pretty short cause i am 5'5 he is like 5'7, said he is going to shoot for MR O next yr wen i ask him.
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    hey shoot me a pm at dee151boardrepmanager@gmail.com

    hey shoot me a pm at dee151boardrepmanager@gmail.com