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  • Special agent smalls, Wearing a durag and sporting a Gold's gym tanky doesnt make you a big. Lifting weight and eating does. You pencil neck, pipe cleaner arm having drunkard! I have a mind to haul your ass in for insubordination. Do not fucking test me, Agent smalls. You'll be busted down to traffic so fast it'll make your durag spin!
    Narcotics Agent Retlaw, have you gathered any new intel? Your plan to "mingle" in with the hooligans of the anything goes sub-forum has worked out just lovely. Posting deviant pictures and creating outlandish topics has really dropped everyone's guard. Bravo Comrade, bravo.
    dear lord...Please make me a big. and please dont let anyone laugh at me while im db curling 20's. amen.
    Is that fucking guy curling in the squat rack behind you? JFC!
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