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  8. A

    Winstrol and T suppression

    I am curious how long does it take for natural T production to be suppressed? I heard that taking a long T ester, like Test-E takes about 1 month for suppression to occur. Is it similar with Winstrol? (Standalone vs. Stacked with Test-E). When is it a good time to add the Winny in a cycle...
  9. Die

    Oxadrolone - Oxanabolic + Stanozolol [OxaPlex + Winstrol]

    Well, I'm new here. I've read forums, FAQ's and tons of websites about this complements in loss weight and gain mass programs. As I read, the results using both are terrific! But they talk about cycles, amounts and diets, and there's no answer to the basic question: WHEN is the best moment to...
  10. M

    Is this good for a cut?? test tren winny clen

    6'1, 225 lbs, 24 yrs old...tracking macros, 1hour low intensity cardio EOD, lifting heavy EOD hows this stack lookin?? using test prop to jumpstart!! NOT my 1st cycle week 1-12, TEST enanthate 250mg-2x week weeks 1-4, TEST prop 100mg EOD weeks 5-10, TREN ace 100mg...
  11. F

    First cycle

    Hey everyone im new too this site but from what ive read it seems really informative and has help me out alot! ive done my research and i just need some advice. ive been working out for about 4 years now and am in my early 20s. i feel like ive reach my natural potential or close to it and now im...
  12. E

    Think I have been ill advised - Winstrol and Clenbuterol...Proper advice needed!

    Hi Guys, A little about me, I used to be in great shape around 10 years ago, I played Rugby semi-professionally and trained constantly to keep in good shape, since then its been a downhill slide, most of my work involves sitting on my ass working on a computer, I do try get to the gym 3-4 times...
  13. X

    Winstrol + Primobolan do I need to use Proviron and When?

    Hi Im 33, 143 lbs 5.51f Im starting a Cycle using Stanovet with Methenovet its my first Week 1 1ml Stano and 1ml Metheno Week 2 " " Week 3 " " Week 4 2ml Stano and 1ml Metheno Week 5 2ml Stano and 2ml...
  14. K

    2nd cycle help please

    Okay. I am currently using sustanon 250 and I pin every wednesday and saturday. I also take stanozolol three 10mg every day. My 4 week cycle(I was going to do a 8 week cycle, but I heard from various bodybuildersthatI should add two more tabs to my daily cycle) will beoverin little over two...
  15. S

    I need help with INFORMATION!! please

    Hello, i started a cycle of test with Winstrol, and is been 6 days counting today and tomorrow will be my first week on the cycle. Im taking 1ml which is 100mg, every other day of winstrol, and 1/2ml of test every 5 days. Im not doing that much test because i don't want to get big, i just want...
  16. J

    winstrol and anavar

    Frend is looking on taking winny n var for about 12 weeks, just a quick post to see what type of gains or diffrences he might see ? Any good advice should help him, cheers boys
  17. S

    Need help with Winstrol/Test

    Im about to take winstrol depot because im done bulking up, but i heard that you need to take testosterone with it, im going to buy clomid and nolvadex soon, but i dont know when should i start taking clomid with nolvadex together, and how much a day should i take. i would be doing a 6 week...
  18. D

    Trentest beginner cycle help advice

    Hi I am a complete newby to steroids. I'm a qualified personal trainer but had a ruff few years and have only managed to get back to the gym after putting on around 3 and a half stone in *4 years. I want to get in the best shape of my life and found a guy I know who did gear. I lost a stone in...
  19. A

    5 Week Turinabol LV/AndroHard/Winstrol

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some insight on my cycle. This is going to be my fourth cycle, but it's my first time using dry compounds. I'm already decently cut right now, but I'm looking to lose a bit more body fat while upping my strength. I have a few specific questions: -Is adding the...
  20. J

    Where to order Winstrol

    Hey guys, wanting to order online, but not sure of a safe place to order. Any input would be appreciated.