Why don't you take steroids, what would change your mind?

Derek Wilson

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Oct 28, 2017
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Here is my number one reason to not do steroids besides all the other reasons that there are .. too expensive to take (PED cocktails), even more shit expensive to keep monitoring your parameters before, during and after the cycle and the inevitable fallouts of drug abuse.

#1 Reason: You take it and you feel great.. that's an understatement.. you feel like a Superman in the gym. Significant increase in your strength, endurance, lean muscle mass and not to mention muscle recovery between workouts. With a good diet and sleep working for you, you make considerable gains in three or four cycles.

At this point you believe you have achieved your objective of muscle mass and aesthetics and it is the right time to get off the cycle. It is now that all the gains you worked so hard for start diminishing. It is worse for those who hadn't developed their full genetic potential before deciding to start taking Steroids. But even otherwise you will lose anywhere between 70?100% of your gains. I am too lazy to post pics of Bodybuilders in their off season but there are plenty of pics out there to prove my point.

This is the point when you will start missing the high of steroids.. the strength, the pump, the sheer appearance of the muscles in terms of muscularity, muscle maturity, the cross fibres, vascularity, etc. Now is when not only you even your friends in the gym and outside the gym start telling you,? Dude you are losing muscle.? Or ? Dude are you not consuming enough proteins?? So the steroids call out to you again as the desire to be back slowly grips your mind. you also will have to buy liver support tabs and a bunch of health supplements.
Very soon you are back on roid road again. In the words of The Eagles ?YOU CAN CHECK OUT ANY TIME YOU LIKE.. BUT YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE.?

Maybe till your parameters go through the roof.. your testosterone is beyond repair.. your liver is in a state of limbo, but the only thing you care about is the appearance of your muscles.. and finally the doctor tells you how hollow your addiction is making you from the inside and gives you a time line to your life to make you realize how bad the problem is.. till that point? stick that needle up your butt and be the envy of the world my friend. Thanks!