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World-pharma is the best supplier of quality goods!!


standing tall
Mar 4, 2012
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new england
WP has always come thru for me. never once has there been an issue. I have used many suppliers and have had some problem's, that they eventually resolved, BUT WITH WP, " HE HAS ALWAYS DELIVERED THE BEST QUALITY GEAR WITHOUT A PROBLEM ONCE, EVER.. #1 a++ IN MY BOOK. WP BEING G2G IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT. this is where you get the best without no bullshit. always on point.
I?ve tried them before, I don?t have anything bad to say, I just don?t do anything but domestic now, hate waiting 3 tom4 weeks and sweating customers, I also don?t sign for packs, I know of two people in my area getting pinched at the post office signing for a few hundred bucks of gear.
no longer in business.
Didnt even look at the date... Im new to this board and yes I probably ordered from there 8 ago hahah
Cant even remember. . How many years in business? 1-2?
Yea I have been away from this board for a while but back in the day it was heavily promoted on this site.
As I recall the products were top notch but expensive.

Great products and never had one issue with shipping and it was international.
I miss WP.
I actually just finished using up the last of his products couple weeks ago
I do miss them and anabolic pharma same brands werent around as long. Never any issues with wp
Great products and never had one issue with shipping and it was international.

Same here. I always got my stuff (without issue) and virtually everything I used (which was a lot) was great.