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  • Steady - holy CRAP - MONSTER props for the weight-loss so far!

    Now, you're asking so I'm telling. Pretend the exercise you do burns exactly no calories from this point on. Your maintenance is 2700 and to cut you will simply have to eat less. What I would like to see is some more nourishing and more filling foods going into you than taco bell - although I'm delighted to see that you've been able to lose weight on fast food. It's harder to drop as you get leaner and you've been dieting for a while now.

    Have you read the link in my sig on getting started? How about you go read that now and get back to me with exactly what your workouts and diet look like. Better yet, start up a thread and drop me the link in here; that way we can get you on track on your own journal.

    Sound good?
    Since, I've been working out for a month, my weight increased to 260, but I think it was due to muscles. For 1-2 weeks now, my weight has been dropping and it's around 250.

    I was wondering if I should continue what I am doing? My ultimate goal is to lose weight (fat) and get stronger (toned, leaned, and not too muscular looking). Thanks!
    Hi Built,

    I've read some of your forum posts and you seemed very knowledgeable. I hope you don't mind me asking you a few questions. Before I ask a few questions here's some background info on me.

    I'm 6'4 and currently 255 pounds. I use to be 330 pounds, but lost about 80 over a year through dieting and hiking.

    About a month ago I started to do strength training for the first time in my life. I want get stronger, but still lose weight. I still have a lot of fat. Ideally, I would like to lose about 50 more pounds while getting leaner and stronger.

    Everyday, I do cardio first (treadmill and stairs) for 30 minutes. And then I do an hour of strength training. I alternate each day to work out different muscles.

    I've been eating about 2700 (mostly fast food like subway, kfc, and taco bell) calories each day and burn off about 700 calories from working out.

    So, I've been maintaining a 2000 calorie level each day.

    continued in next post...
    Gosh, I don't know what to tell you - you've won two shows. What class, how old are you, and are you male or female? How did you prepare - what kind of diet did you follow? Training?
    Hi Built,
    It was suggested that I contact you, you may be able to give me some advice. I've been body building for the last year. I won my last two shows. In July I will be competing in the Masters in Pittsburgh. The goal is to win my class and over all. At my last show the head judge said I need wider lats and more separation. My negative is I have a hard time staying focus on my diet. I get bored! Do I need Creatin? Noredex? Thank you
    Not sure what the prob is...I'll see if I can create an account for you from an east cost IP addy.

    hey i talked to u before...i got my bloodwork done im 21 and it was total test=270 and prolactin 18.2 is that normal for someone my age?
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