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    My second cycle: Super DMZ stacks with Testosterone propionate

    Damn - buddy, you look great!
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    So, this "Built", who IS she?

    Whoever she is, she's back. ;)
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    can you eat too many egg whites?

    Okay, so you're saying if you eat more calories than you require, you'll gain weight. Men have the exact same response as women in this regard. It has nothing to do with the quality of the food you consume and everything to do with the calories. If you look at the calories these guys consume...
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    can you eat too many egg whites?

    They can?
  5. Built

    can you eat too many egg whites?

    How about just bringing a few hardboiled eggs with you? PS welcome to the board. :)
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    6 Sex Mistakes Men Make

    Yamaha RD350 in second gear during rush-hour. Just sayin'.
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    Why thank you! <melts> ♥

    Why thank you! <melts> ♥
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    Jagbender's battle of the bulge

    Holy CRAP you've done good, Jag! Guns are huge; nice and thick through the back - and you're clearly enjoying having your chest bigger than your waist - you've got PECS! Nice work. :thumb:
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    Refeeds and Leptin

    Whey boosts leptin, but that's because it stimulates insulin, not because it is "fast".
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    Gainers and Protein Blends recommendations

    It doesn't need to be EVOO. Any olive oil will do. It's just for the calories, and a light olive oil will have less flavour - easier to knock back in a shake.
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    Frustrated. Cut or Bulk (photos attached)

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    Currently 175lbs, want to be 190-200lbs....Help please:

    I'm no health professional, but I'm pretty sure if you've got protein in your urine, you're in some level of kidney failure. Do you really think you get no food value from an 80g serving of protein? I only eat three meals a day - I get in 60-80g of protein at each of them. Are you saying that...
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    My battle with being over weight 10/31/11

    ^^This. If you want a bagel, have it at night. You'll find you're more comfortable - it won't turn on your appetite and lead you to overeat all day. Amen.
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    Best type of fish oil?

    I just buy kirkland brand from costco. $15 for 300 caps - at ten a day, this lasts a month. I've read nothing about kirkland's brand that scares me out of buying it.
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    Currently 175lbs, want to be 190-200lbs....Help please:

    You want to explain how you can piss out protein? Like the others are all saying - eat more and train less. You'll grow. To the OP - a bedtime protein shake with a couple tablespoons of olive oil will do you good. I'd avoid the udo's - it's not the right kind of omega 3 and not worth the...