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  • that funny the cat was to heavy to jump it even though i love animals, you should be a comedian , i read ur posts funny as all hell brother lol.
    what up clem
    Unclem how r you? Its nice to have you as a friend and bro thanks for your help. Looking big and healthy keep it up.:thumb:
    thnx bigtrain, it fits your a monster. thnx chucky1 your no slouch brother, keep pumpin the iron.
    whats up bro nice to have you as a friend, Iv been following your posts and threads a long time, all good stuff, your huge bro !
    thank you guys for your kind words. your all great guys and happy new year. i mean i dont just type it. i hope all has prosporus life in all you go for.
    Howdy Ben.
    I hope things are well with you. Havent heard from you in a long while. Get back to me.
    Howdy Ben. I havent heard from you in a long time and I was thinking of you lately. Are you alright? Write me when you get a chance, I have been concerned about you.
    You'r ole Pal
    good luck ill call tomm. i hope your tendons get better. did u mean ifbb? stay muscular sassy i like it and thats all that really matters isnt it, lmfao jk lol. but ull get through it i fractured my femur last yr and iam back to 315 squatts , so iam getting there. good luck w/ ur classes.
    I appreciate it a lot - I've been floundering around for a year now trying to find my way forward from my last competition. Its apparent that FBB is not a viable route anymore, but I've had the worst time finding a productive way to LOSE muscle but still get some sort of personal satisfaction from the method of training. Tendonitis limits me from a lot of HIIT type stuff, so the best I've found is Poliquin's "German Body Comp" training, but I need to find a great variety of routines because it gets boring sooo quickly. I'm going to try a class in Bikram yoga this afternoon...
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