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BD syringes...help and warning


Jul 8, 2012
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IML Gear Cream!
Has anyone had a BD inject the needle when pressed to hard? I have one stuck in my cheek! I know...but it is not funny!!!
Make sure you screw them in tight, look at it as a lesson.......I use BD myself......normally GTG.......
1 in 1,000,000 chance

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BD is the bomb. Plain and simple.
Stuck like the pin broke off? I hope you went straight to the ER and I would love to hear your cover up story...
Has anyone had a BD inject the needle when pressed to hard? I have one stuck in my cheek! I know...but it is not funny!!!

Welllll?if a guy can?t laugh at himself there is something wrong with him! So, I am old school and am attempting to come back after a 15 year lay off from heavy lifting (heavy for me @ 500lb bench) (I suffer with bad depressions that took me out of the gym and only made it worse). 4 years ago I lifted for a year kind of heavy got back to 375lb bench. I just started weight exercising again a few months ago and my first blood test showed low T @ 88. The doc started me on Testosterone injections.

Well?to the question I posted. it has been years since I have injected and when I pushed the plunger I heard a loud pop?and the needle was gone!!! So go ahead and laugh at me?I am!

I posted the question just after it happened and now I feel pretty stupid. I didn?t know they have retractable needles! If I could see a way to delete this post I would but for know I have to simply take my medicine?so to speak.

Anyway?I am at 275lb bench and my 61 birth day is in a few days. I hope the room can put up with an old fart attempting to learn about all the wonderful new workouts and chemicals available. I am using White flood for my PWO and a pretty good whey protein I like. I hope to start lifting heavy again in a month or two and want to learn more about the peptides and recovery powders. Lots to learn!!! Very glad to be back at it again and happy to have found this room. Thanks to those that tried to help me with this question/post.
Vanish points.

I asked my training partner to give me a shot to hold me over till I got my pack once.
He gave me a full syringe.
Needless to say when I went to inject it it exploded and the needle was missing and gear and blood was all over the place.

He thought that shit was really funny.
Me not so much.
push a little slower next time bro pharma Cyp is thick and it takes a min to pin, if thats what your pinning
Get a thicker needle so you dont have to push so hard? I like 22g pins for any oil.