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21 days--on your marks, get set, go!

IML Gear Cream!
Hey lady! Happy Hump Day!
Day 9 -- all is going well!!!

I've been working out twice/day about 2-3 days/week, so needless to say, yesterday was a two-a-day'er and I was so tired this morning, I did not get up to go workout. I'm planning to go this afternoon at work and maybe at lunch today too, just depends because I may have to go to an interview today....not sure though as I need to call this guy in about an hour just to see what his schedule is like.

Wish me luck and pray for me. If this is meant to be, it will be done.

OK, BBL, got some stuff to do.

Oh, PS -- next weigh in is going to be Saturday morning.
and then pictures? :hehe:
Yes, pictures may come soon
Day 10 today -- I feel so good!!!

My size 4 pants today are really loose :dance: Weigh in isn't until tomorrow, but I'm feeling like I've lost some inches and probably (hopefully) 1 or 2 more pounds!!

So, how is everyone's Friday? Mine is pretty good. I really wasn't into my workout this morning, but I did it anyway. 40 minutes cardio. 15 minutes on the treadmill, 15 minutes on the stepmill and 10 minutes on the elliptical.
Then I got into the sauna for a few minutes.
morning couSON
Whats up Sister Fitty???
Day 13 -- It's good to be the king! I'm sitting at 117 now and I've lost 1 inch off of my waist and 1 inch off of my hips!

I feel so good and I'm looking really slim right now. I will try to take a pic in a bit. Nothing silly, but I'm in all brown today and lookin' pretty hot, if I do say so myself... :laugh:

Hope everyone is having a good day so far. What's everyone's plan for Halloween? Any parties?

BBL, gotta go get some fruit or something to munch on!
Congrats on the progress Sister Fitty!!! Please don't be mad, I haven't mailed them off to you yet, I know I'm horrible!!!
yes, you get 20 licks with a wet noodle!!! LOL

No rush dear....whenever you get a chance.

Oh, and if you're done with my Your Best Life Now, could you send that back too?

I feel so good and I'm looking really slim right now. I will try to take a pic in a bit. Nothing silly, but I'm in all brown today and lookin' pretty hot, if I do say so myself... :laugh:
uhm....<ahem!> I could use a pick me up.....
Was great hearing your voice this morning!
Oh...to everybody else who hasn't heard this lady speak yet..she has the voice of an angel....
You are too sweet Mikey! Right now, I have a little bit of a scratchy voice, so it's probably more Demi Moore than angel.... :laugh:
Hope everyone is having a good day so far. What's everyone's plan for Halloween? Any parties?

We went to the strippers and the missus was dressed up as little bo peep. :D

Needless to say, she was the "BIG SHOW". The DJs got her on stage with the dancers ... and had we stuck around, she would have won the prize for best costume ... but we promised our neighbours we would come back to their house for a bday party - which ended bad (the hosting couple got into an arguement - too much alcohol was had :( )
Eeeek couSON....sorry about that!!!

Day 14 today--all is going well. I didn't workout this morning, but that's okay, I plan to workout after work. I have so much to get done though, I really should've called in sick this morning! Oh well....I'm not going to be here on Friday, going out of town for a long weekend!

I'm doing really, really good on the program still. Eating very well -- I haven't cheated once! I'm so proud of myself! :dance:
I hope that I will have lost another pound or two by the end of the week. I will keep you all posted!

Hope everyone is having a great Halloween!!
I have been constantly hungry today!!!
IML Gear Cream!
see! And you said I wouldn't starve! :)

Demi Moore? She's pretty hot..... ;)
Thanks Trips!!!! I just pissed my pants!

no not really!
morning couSON ;)
Mornin' couSON!!!! :kiss:

Day 15 - All is well. I was down another pound today. That puts me at 116 now. I'm so excited about how this diet is going this time. It's a little different this time actually.

OK, who got a pumpkin splattered on their street last night??? There were two on mine! :laugh:

Hope everyone is well today. Can you all believe it's November already???
We had some kids kick one of our pumpkin lights, does that count? I heard them at the door ... the dogs were barking at them and I heard one of them say "shut up you dumb dogs". I opened the door and said "because of your dog comment, you won't be getting anything here" I went back to watch TV and the missus came home shortly after and saw that one of the lights was broken. Uhhhh ... kids with no manners, always a treat. :(
116 ... and your goal is still 105?? You'll be nothing more than a paper weight at that weight. :) We want you to keep your curves for the pics ;) :kiss:
Oh, the curves will definitely stick around....I promise
:clap: :clap: :clap:
Yes I'm starting yet another journal. I want to document all of my information because I started the detox/weight loss program again this morning.

As you guys may recall, I told you a couple of weeks ago that this was going to be filmed and aired on one of our local news channels. I will find out probably today when it is going to air. It is going to be a three-part series, one we film today for the "beginning" of the program. One we'll film in the "middle" of the program. And then the last one we'll film for the "reveal" of the program.

I'm trying to schedule to get my blood work done tomorrow morning.

I've gained a few pounds back so here is where I'm starting:

Weight: 124
Waist: 30
Hips: 35-ish
Chest: 36

I'll try to get pictures maybe tonight.

Workout this morning was 15 minutes on the stair master and 20 minutes on the treadmill (both w/ intermittant(sp?) sprints)

You've all heard me talk about this program, so you all probably know how it goes. I won't preach or sell here so if you're interested in learning about the details, please pm or email me.

Thanks -- 21 days and counting
On your marks, Get set, Go!!!! :hot:

Details details! What is all this about?

Oh, and how have you been? :)