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    Anyone else having trouble getting on WPs site?

    Its GTG now. Don't know what the reason was yesterday on why I couldn't get on WPs website, but its gtg now, so it must have been on my end.
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    Anyone else having trouble getting on WPs site?

    I cant get on his website. I could yesterday, not today though. Just wondering if it is on my end.
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    SOURCE and PRICE discussion

    Without a doubt! you would think that be common sense for most people.
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    World pharma #1!!!!

    I have ordered from World Pharma multiple times. with all the orders that I have made from WP I figured at least one of them would eventual get nabbed, because I have had a package seized from almost all of the other international sources, but the thing is, I HAVE NEVER HAD AN ORDER SEIZED THAT...
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    World-pharma is the best supplier of quality goods!!

    WP has always come thru for me. never once has there been an issue. I have used many suppliers and have had some problem's, that they eventually resolved, BUT WITH WP, " HE HAS ALWAYS DELIVERED THE BEST QUALITY GEAR WITHOUT A PROBLEM ONCE, EVER.. #1 a++ IN MY BOOK. WP BEING G2G IS AN...
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    Mix 1 from synaptec labs, 200mg test c,200mgs eq, 200 mgs deca,? G2g??

    THESE ARE ALL MY FAVORITES FOR BULKING BUT 600MGS IN ONE ML HOWS TAH EVEN POSSIBLE.LOL IS THERE EVEN ANY OIL IN IT, LOL JK. Has anyone tried this mix out yet ? any feedback? im ready to give it a whirl!! Hopefully some of you have run this. please some one let me know what you think...
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    Anyone try there generic blue tops?

    I was wondering if anyone has tried there generic blue tops and are the g2g?
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    where to get nexium

    thank you bro ill look into it. anyother advice you have let me know. ty
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    Cheapest and best place to get protein from?

    was just wondering where everyone got there protein from. I have always gone to gnc but I was wondering if anyone knew a online site or somewhere else to get protein and other things for cheaper.
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    My Steroid Testing Log With Labmax.

    my next cycle is also going to be test e, deca, and eq. I would like to know what and whos gear that was....
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    My Steroid Testing Log With Labmax.

    wow guys great work. thanks for all the testing.
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    my girl wants to lose weight. what supplements should she take.

    she works out and has never taken any supplements. she wants to lose weight fast and she likes to work out. she is in good shape but she wants to lose 10-15 pds. what can she take. s he is up for anything. Clen? T3? anavar? cocaine? lol jk. thank you guys for all your help. she is on...
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    is it ok to run clen if you are on adderall?

    my girl want to lose some weight fast and she wants to do the clen but she is nervous because she is on Adderall and there might be some bad side effects. Should she not take it?
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    is it ok to take clen when on adderall?

    so are you saying she shouldn't run the clen if shes on Adderall?
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    is it ok to take clen when on adderall?

    my girl wants to take some clen but she is nervous of the effect it might have with her other med which is Adderall. will it be an issue at all?