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What's your max squat!

Lol... I know it's nothin big but I did 455 for 2 sets of 3. Have not been workin for strength now adays. Plus body weight is still dropping.

Video on my YouTube
I posted in this thread two or so years ago. The new update: 600pds @ about 260pd bw. This was a little while ago but I just seen this thread brought back. It felt real good and I probably could have gone a little higher weight-wise but at that point it was my fourth or so single already. I started to low but when I got to 600 I figured I had better stop pushing my luck before something bad happened. In hindsight I wish I would have tried pushing to 615-620.
Nice work predator....

Ahhhh I remember when I was strong... Lol
Just did 495 at be of 234! Not crazy but... Last wk was 455 for 3

video at my YouTube "liftnstuff"
Raw with knee wraps 685 in gym and 655 in my last meet.
465 * 3 squat

That's been several yrs back.

Never maxed on deads

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i did 19 reps with 385 pounds long time ago . i am tall and was not built for huge squats . long legs small waist
^^^^ still don't sound like a bad problem to have. 385 for 19!!!!
you are right i am 6 foot 3 inches tall but my max was just 550. 252 pounds. i should have tried box squats heard they help.
IML Gear Cream!
800 a long way from 550 . gain weight help squatting they used to say .
Camera is getting fixed. He'll post one next week hopefully :lol:
525 no wraps
405 x 10
455 x 8
455 x 5
That was 6 or 7 weeks ago. I stopped squatting that heavy because after 3 knee surgeries, I don't need any more. I've never tried wraps. I may get some and try going a little heavier.
Some big lifts in here... I'm gonna have to step it up.
595lbs raw w/belt at 198lbs...i hadnt squated in atleast 5 yrs until last week....got 405 x 5...i felt like ass the next 5 days...back to the leg sled...
395lb x 5
Strength is way un-proportionate to size.